Assoc.Prof.Dr. Güldem KARTAL

güldem kartal şireli

Phone: +90 212 285 3545
Fax: +90 212 285 3427

Academic Background:

Ph.D.: Material Science and Engineering, 2012, I.T.U., Turkey.
Visiting Researcher: Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) in the Division of Energy Systems, granted by DOE – USA, 2008 - 2010.
M.Sc.: Material Science and Engineering, 2004, I.T.U., Turkey.
B.Sc.: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, 2002, I.T.U., Turkey.

Areas of Interest:

Industrial electrochemical technologies and electrometallurgy- molten salts systems (electrolytic deposition process for coating metal and alloy substrates from molten salts; namely, metalliding and electroplating), electrowinning and electrorefining of metals. Diffusion based surface modification techniques. Recovery and recycling methods- recycling of metallurgical wastes, development of green technologies, etc.

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